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can i get some help please:))

sooo there's that thing that the track i made needs a female voice and it would sound really awesome if i sang but, theres this thing that i got no idea how can i record it???? and the problem is,that i dont wanna divide it to so much pieces and i dont wanna extract every pattern to 8 tacts. And  i really R E A L L Y hate my voice so caustic is the easiest for me to edit it so it doesnt sound corny. Im a musician so i dont sing out of tune. But im really insecure about my voice.

thanks in advice, love from Polandheart

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What's the question exactly?

What's the question exactly?

You want to record your vocal? You can record it in Caustic's WAV editor...
Or import the rendered music and use another app like Audio Evolution Mobile Studio..

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Hello, this kinda tricky to

Hello, this kinda tricky to achieve so you should use another app. Caustic has the wave editor, but the vocal recording can be a bit of problem. The main reason is that you have limited time to record stuff. So find another app with unlimited recording time. And ability to cut your recording on measures, then add them on Caustic PCM synth. It it is possible, but it's not easy.

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