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Controlling Caustic 3.2 on an Android phone from a MIDI keyboard via USB C

Hi I'm running Caustic 3.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and I would like to control it from my M-audio ketstation49. The note 9 has a USB C connector. Is there a cable I can buy that will make this connection possible? Thanks!

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There a lot of USB C to USB A

There a lot of USB C to USB A adapters out there so I think you'll be fine.

Google it - Amazon have them, Gearbest etc.

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Your Note9 should have come

Your Note9 should have come with a converter in the box. Mine did. Part number is Samsung GH98-41288A USB OTG USB-C adapter. If you Google it you will see pictures.

Works great with Caustic. I use either a Korg NanoKey or CME X-Key.



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Yeah, definitely I agree with

Yeah, definitely I agree with last comment. OTG adapter can solve any midi problem. Definitely a proper solution when it comes to a mobile production.

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