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What does it mean? Did I blow someones speakers up? What does it mean if the master reverb is clipping? I mix to avoid it, I get everything as loud as I can with 0 clipping whatsoever. What do you do? 

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What happens when you start

What happens when you start pushing a nice round balloon against the ceiling? The top starts to turn into a flat side, like a square.

Listen to the difference between a soft sine wave and a hard edged square wave. The more you clip a sound, the more you flatten the peaks creating square waves which adds nasty harmonic distortion. You probably won't blow the speakers but you'll distort sound as well as the dynamics.

Check yourself. Load any sound into the wave editor. Normalize it then Amplify it some more by clicking on the little fader beside Amplify and raising the fader half way to the top, then zoom in and look. And listen.

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Yes, musical convention says

Yes, musical convention says that as a general rule you should avoid and correct clipping, but clipping can be used as an intended effect, it destroys musical harmonics but also ads non-musical harmonics. I have a couple tracks where I left in clipping distortion to some degree here and there for the effect it gives, a more lo-fi and gritty sound. Just don't overdo it. This article explains it more: https://www.izotope.com/en/blog/music-production/what-is-distortion-in-m...