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About Copyrights

Hey complete newb here, can someone please tell me if the user submitted presets on this site are all open domain? I wont get my music flagged on Youtube if i monetize it? Are the original presets that came with Caustic verified and completely free to use? And only clips inside PCMsynth and Beatbox presets can be copyrighted? Other synths are ok?

thnx a lot guys! :)

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Yes all of the presets in the

Yes all of the presets in the site are all legal to use in your music...especially if they are shared publicly..

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Maybe more accurate to say

Maybe more accurate to say they SHOULD be legal to use. Nothing's stopping people from uploading copyrighted samples to the presets page. Either way your channel shouldn't be flagged for it. It's far more likely your channel will be flagged for a false positive or a copyright troll than that. </bitter>

What I'm curious about is, if a sample is copyrighted CC-BY, and is used in a song placed in the public domain, is a project that uses that SONG required to attribute the sample producer?

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If you get popular enough to

If you get popular enough to get sued, consider yourself a successful artist.(lol)

On the other hand, I wasted alot of time contemplating/formulating what from my mind should be the standard format for "creative commons" samples....http://gregstullgainesvilletest1.herokuapp.com/