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looking for data recovery app on android


I transferred two Caustic files on a mini sd card that I have accidentally broken afterwards. It is only two caustic files and I managed to recreate the songs by ear at 90%. But I would be glad to reach the original raw files. No samples were used, onboard synthesizers and drum machine only.

Are there any apps that could recover those two caustic files on the smartphone ? I even managed to recover the pictures that I transferred on the same mini sd card but no caustic files appear in the recovery scan folder. Is it lost forever or are there specific apps ? Or should I root the smartphone ?

 Thank you for your answers, and if no solution is possible it is not a disaster I will be more careful next time

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I don't have a recommendation

I don't have a recommendation for a data recovery app, what I do recommend however is drive sync though.


It syncs up a folder pair to a google drive so I have my songs and presets all syncing with my google drive. Futhermore, if you have mutiple devices you can set this up to create syncronisation between devices too. It's saved me more than once. On top of that you can manage your folders in your google drive and it'll sync down to your phone / tablet too so again, it's just an easier way to manage your caustic stuff.

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try this ---> https://www
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if that didint work try

if that didint work try Undeleter. its available in the google play store. it also works for losrt sms messages. hope your problem is solved.

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