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Noise when exporting modular track

I've been exporting the stems of tracks I made on caustic so I can mix them on my computer, and I've encountered an issue. I used the modular synth preset 'Tiny Trumpet' and when I export it (WAV, 24bit) it has a weird bubbly noise in the background, which is too loud to drown out in the mix and is spread throughout the frequency spectrum so I can't remove it with EQ. I've tried lots of things (turning off all effects, changing velocity, changing synth settings) but nothings made a difference. I can't hear this noise at all when listening to the track within caustic. Can anyone suggest a solution?

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I see this proplem too

I see this proplem too

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There are a few modules in

There are a few modules in the modular which sometimes have some rounding issues, the Formant filter sometimes has artifacts, as does the bit crusher insert fx. Why these might sound in the export over listening in caustic is a strange one though.

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I love the modular popping

I love the modular popping sound. For me, it means that Rej's C++ programming abilities are A++. He managed to successfully fit each individual modular component, along with everything else in Caustic, within the already defined parameters of whatever he was trying to emulate. Actual modular components really do have feedback loops, and I find it beautiful. Remember a few things when exporting a song with such feedback: first, front & back, there are two instrument volume knobs on modular. Automate those up & down, first & last. The mixing board is like another instrument, and anything going will leech through the slightest raised volume knob. Secondly, try rewiring the preset to eliminate the lovely clickety-clack clap. Or, simply, change instruments. If you must, and I'm with you on this, use that particular preset... look it up in the presets section here in the forum. Someone may have already rewired it for you. Also, try searching for the same preset under PCM. Lastly, and my first choice of action when encountering that delicious sound of bacon frying, use it as part of the song! Raise the volume on that shit & use the fuck out of it! Be an artist, embrace any flaws and present them as perfection. If it is, and I'm assuming it is, off-beat with the rest of the track just shuffle it into place by long pressing A, B, C, or D on the modular submenu in pattern mode until it fits.

Is the intro to this like what you're trying to eliminate?