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MIDI setup (channel an CC mapping)

I'm looking for a new MIDI Keyboard/Controller to get a better control to Caustic especially when I'm playing live with this great app.

To find the right one I need to know a few things about the MIDI implementation in Caustic.

I tried to find the answers in the forum but without success...


When I configure Caustic to "One MIDI Channel per Instrument" channel 1-14 is for the rack places - that's clear.

But what's about channel 15 and 16?

Controller mapping: Is it only related to the controller number regardless of the MIDI channel or will the channel be recognized, too.

For example:

SubSynth-Volume: MIDI-Channel 1 Controller 42

PCMSynth-Volume: MIDI-Channel 2 Controller 42

BassLine-Volume: MIDI-Channel 3 Controller 42


For the Mixer I see only Ch1-7 for mappings. What's about Ch8-14?


And finally can I copy the settings to another device (moving between two PCs or between PC<->Android-Tablet)? Or do I have to set all mappings in each device separately?


Thank you for help.

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Channels 15 and 16 don't do

Channels 15 and 16 don't do anything.

Controller channel information is recognised.

The mixer only works in on screen mode. Channels 8-14 are duplicated with 1-7.

Not sure about PCs, but you should see a MIDI mapping file in your caustic folder. Just copy it.

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Thank you for this

Thank you for this information.

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channel 16

hey wazzup man. just figured out with my oxygen49 mk4. channel 16 controls mixer 1-7. i was hoping ch15 is for mixers 8-14 but it is not.