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Good performance on your Android tablet? Please tell me wich one you're using…

I know, Android sucks for Audio, iOS is the best - almost no latency. At least, that’s what I read all the time.

At the moment I’m using Caustic in a Huawei T1 - 7” (Android 4.2.2).. It’s a low budget tablet, but, I’m pleasantly surprised that it runs kinda okay…

So, now I want to upgrade to a bigger size tablet.. I consider iPads too pricey for just running Caustic. Also, I’m afraid that I’ll get addicted to buying apps as there are so many for iOS :-)

What Android tablet is a good choice? Is Android 7 much better in handling audio compared to older versions and will it give me low latency when using an external midi keyboard?

Can you guys tell wich Android tablet you’re using that has low latency?
I’m looking for something that cost around 200,- euro / $ 225,-. Will the Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2016) be any good?

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Google Pixel C is an awesome

Google Pixel C is an awesome tablet. I've had mine for 18 months or so and love it. It's running Android 8.1

I get great latency in Caustic, G-Stomper, Audio Evolution and Sun Vox.

Google heavily discounted them in Nov 17 from £400 to £300 but when I last checked they're now out of stock - existing sellers (i.e. shops and online shops) seem to be selling any remaining units at the original, pre-discounted price. I've been tempted to buy another one as a spare (mine has a hairline crack in the screen).

I believe the recent fire sale indicates that Google have retired the Pixel C and don't have any current plans to replace it - the advantage with the Pixel C is that it runs stock Android with none of the enhancements like Asus's pretty awful Zen launcher. My GF has the 10" Asus Zen Pad - beautiful build quality, beautiful screen but let down (imo) by all the customisations they've made to the OS.

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Hey thanx for your reply…

Hey thanx for your reply…

Well, i decided to go for an iPad, Android latency is different for every Android tablet and Android OS version….

I found this latency measurement page and Android is a mess when it comes to audio latency..

So, although the new iPad is kinda like overkill to run Caustic, it’s ensures decent performance…

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Galaxy Tab A. Just starting

Galaxy Tab A. Just starting out with Caustic. Seems fine


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Philips p3210g

Dobrze dziala

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Google Pixel C is an awesome

Google Pixel C is an awesome tablet. I've had mine for 18 months or so and love it. It's running Android 8.1

100% agree. As for now, there simply is no better Android tablet on the market.

If you want low latency on Android, choose devices from Google and simply forget all other brands.

If you find the pixel c too expensive (it's around 400$), you can also grab a second hand Nexus 9, which is still the low latency king of Android tablets. The nexus 9 is available for around 100$. Even if it is a 4 year old device, it still has a better performance than most newer and much higher priced devices.

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I got an older tab 3 series

I got an older tab 3 series cheap low end Lenovo ( actually found (never really used) second hand one for 30 Euros ) 


never had any issues really .. altough i can surely imagine people pushing it to the limit - 

and even if you were that "special kind of person" you can always export whatever you got up so far 

and save the processing power for stuff that adds later on.

For me, I just love to mess with MODULAR lately ... it's my new precioussssss :) and the newer tablets run nicely most of the time

maybe .. instead of overthinking HW choice too much ,rather focus on having latest android ( just a hunch) 

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Caustic has some very clever

Caustic has some very clever and efficient code.. it runs on low tech equipment wich is great! I had some minor latency on my 7” Android tablet and wanted a bigger tablet for home use.. I wanted minimal latency so iPad was the best choice. Android tablets differ in latency so it’s hard to say wether a model is okay or not.

I also wanted to power the tablet while a usb keyboard and  audio interface are connected. On top of that I wanted to use inter app audio and resample caustic in other apps. So, with all those wishes iPad was the only choice I had…


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I'm still using a Galaxy Tab2

I'm still using a Galaxy Tab2 10.1 (GT-P5100) with Android 4.3.1 (SlimBean) for years without any problem.

A few weeks ago I bought a Korg NanoKey2 and it works great.