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Beatbox Samples

Hi there,
I've been loving Caustic for a good while and find the workflow very inspiring and efficient.
One thing I've been trying to figure out is how to get the Beatbox drum samples as WAV's...I've searched through all the files on my Android tablet and the app itself, are they hidden away?
Would really like to have the same drum samples in my DAW too, they sound amazing!

Thanks :)

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They should be under Caustic

They should be under Caustic/samples/beatbox. Another thing to do would be to load up your desired drum machine preset (for example 808), then select the two gear icon at the top, select the waveform icon next to the name, that'll load the sample editor with the sample, select file-save as- rename it and select done. Those samples should be under caustic/samples/editor. Hope that helps.

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Hey, thanks so much HDB that

Hey, thanks so much HDB that helps a lot! :D
I could have sworn I saw them all in the samples folder before, but it's just got the samples I've loaded into it.
I was thinking I'd have to load all the drum hits into the arrange page and export them out as a long sample file and edit them.. but you've saved me a lot of time and hassle, many thanks :)

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You can also load samples

You can also load samples from within a Beatbox preset.