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Something i want to know a bit moar.

When the master volumn/graphic (i dunno the name) reach the red mark, is this a problem??

If so, maybe i'll lose quality when export the project? How can I solve this? (Sorry for the dumb question)

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Yes, you will lose the

Yes, you will lose the original quality of the sounds if you reach the red mark.

Entering the red zone is the distortion sounds territory, and that is useful for many genres in the digital spectrum when it comes down to designing a sound.

However, you will want to turn that volume down if you can't do anything about the mixing part of sound.

If you mix the sounds and there is enough empty space, you can potentially raise that master volume if you want to.

Different volume levels will bring a different sound quality.

To have excellent levels, you will want to use a limiter or a compressor for symphonic arrangements.


Overall, if you use less, you get to do less in mixing.

If you do more, you would have to do more in mixing.


For example, you have two instruments or two sounds in total. There is enough room to do less.

You add in a third instrument or sound. That will require mixing the sound in, so you have to do more.

Effects that are essential in mixing are the Equalizer, Compressor, Limiter, and Distortion Unit.

Effects that can give a different quality mix-wise are the Comb Filter, Phaser, "Chorus/Phase/Pan/Width" Stuff,  

Then you have the very-useful-often effects which are the multi-filter that has many filter types, the reverb for a room, and the delay for extra room quality. You'll not want to use these just yet if you're not into red zones, because they are stereo effects that effect the volume greatly.

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Ooooh maaaan THAAAANKS YOU

Ooooh maaaan THAAAANKS YOU explained all my questions :O many thanks for your explantion o/

Now i understand why sometimes my kicks eats some SawSynth notes because of that red marker :/ wooow THANKS A LOT, Phorsion (: this will help me with a physical mixer i'm messing at church [ = nicee!!! One moar time: THANKS (:

( :