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Korg TR

Hello everyone. I hope someone out there can help me, otherwuse my purchase is useless. It's a shame because I love this app. I am trying to connect my Korg tr88 to Caustic installed in my Galaxy tab note10.1. Unfortunately, it does not get any input. I tried connecting to my laptop and all is fine. but nothing happens on the tablet. Any thoughts on that? Thank you guys!!!

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Go to Caustic menu then the

Go to Caustic menu then the "Midi" tab o/ i think you have to change to 2nd option... And see if connects (:

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Sorry, no it doesn't. As I

Sorry, no it doesn't. As I said all is fine on windows app, but not on Android. Thanks!


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Did you use the same USB jack

Did you use the same USB jack of the keyboard for the tablet as for the computer? Many keyboards have a USB host jack, where you can plug an USB stick for recording or saving/loading songs/presets, there you also can plug a phone/tablet (as a file storage) but this is the wrong data direction. You must use the other USB jack and have an USB OTG adapter for the tablet.

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Midi connections on Android

Midi connections on Android devices are very subjective, due to the diversity of hardware- that being the issue behind Caustic's trial app, since they can't guarantee the audio will work on whatever given Android tablet/smartphone. You may want to research another app for midi connections, I'm sorry to say. There might also be an issue with Korg TR-88's midi capacity, but then, all my Caustic midi stuff has been strictly between iOS and a Samson Carbon 61. 

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For a MIDI controller to be

For a MIDI controller to be recognized by Android it needs to be "USB class-compliant", in other words it doesn't require a driver. If you can connect to software with your keyboard on a Windows or Mac machine WITHOUT first loading a driver, then it will be usable as a MIDI controller on an Android device. If you must load a driver for MIDI functionality in WIndows or Max there is no chance that device will work under Android unless driver-like code for your specific keyboard is included in the app (unlikely). 

If your keyboard IS USB class-compliant, then all you should need is an OTG adapter.

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