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Robin Bagnall
Joined: 07/09/2016 - 09:15
PCM Synth, no volume envelope after merging rack to instrument.


After I've merged the rack to instrument and loaded the resulting PCM preset, the volume envelope is not functional in the PCM Synth.

Is this to be expected? Is there any way to get it to work or are attack and release hard baked into such instruments? If so, it seems like an odd decision since merging the rack just creates wav files (by which I mean, surely it doesn't have to be that way).

I can see it might make sense if you are only using the merge function to release memory and use the resulting sound for that one project, but if you're using the merge function to design new sounds and instruments generally, it really restricts the usefulness of the function - surely the option could be there on the export menu for 'rack merge'?

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious. If not, can this be a feature request? Thanks. 

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Be sure that the PCM is not

Be sure that the PCM is not set to "play once" mode. Set it to "note on/off" or other loop mode, and the ADSR will work. Same for all the PCM presets.

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Technically the envelopes of

Technically the envelopes of the PCM synth can be activated by "Note on/off" (or other settings except "Play once").

But be aware that the envelopes of the merged synth have been played once with a specified duration and these sounds have been sampled.

If you want to create special waves that are further processed by filter, envelop, etc. you should not use filter, envelope, etc. on all synths before sampling. This is also the problem with many content pack sounds, e.g. Juno by SBS. They have too much effects in that you cannot get out anymore.

Robin Bagnall
Joined: 07/09/2016 - 09:15
Thank you both very much - I

Thank you both very much - I hoped I was missing something like that! 

That said though, switching to 'Note On/Off' doesn't have any effect with instruments merged from the rack - unless, again, I'm missing something. The whole sample is played even with the release set to zero. 

Any chance you could check? Merge a real together and open it in the PCM Synth - can you gain the ADSR controls? 

I'm using the Android version. Thanks. 


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Did you change the mode for

Did you change the mode for every sample in the PCM? This can be done globally by long pressing the mode button.

Robin Bagnall
Joined: 07/09/2016 - 09:15
Brilliant, thanks, that's

Brilliant, thanks, that's what I was missing! Long pressing and changing the mode for all samples worked perfectly.  

Thank you all very much for your help and for enlightening me! I'm very pleased to see this functionality is present even if, in retrospect, I was a bit stupid not to see it all along. Cheers.