Caustic Editor for Volca Sample

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Christmas comes early for Volca Sample owners.

KORG were nice enough to open up their volca sample SDK to 3rd parties so I took a few days to rip out Caustic's WAV editor and turn it into a stand-alone, multi-platform tool that lets you import, load, record, edit and upload samples for use with your KORG Volca Sample device. It was taken from my Caustic 3.2 working branch, so it even has a few more functions than what's in Caustic 3.1!





- Record your own samples using your device's built-in microphone.
- Load any uncompressed, mono or stereo WAV, at any sampling rate or bit depth.
- Apply any of 16 of Caustic's effects and preview them in real-time, then stamp down and apply more.
- Process waveform audio with Fade In/Out, Normalize, Amplify, Reverse, etc.
- Use Caustic's C-SFXR to generate retro video game sounds.
- Trim audio precisely, down to individual samples.
- View the frequency spectrum of your audio.

- iOS: Audiobus compatible (receiver)
- iOS: AudioShare compatible (import/export)
- iOS: AudioCopy/Paste compatible (import/export)
- iOS: iTunes file sharing support
- iOS: Open In... support for .wav files.

Volca Sample-specific features:
- Upload to any of the 100 sample slots and keep a database of your device's state.
- Clear all samples
- Restore factory samples
- Monitor device memory

This is not an official KORG app, it is made by me, Rej Poirier / SingleCellSoftware using the KORG volca sample SDK.

The app is free, with no ads and no IAPs. If you'd like to support my work, please buy Caustic or any other of my apps. If you have them all... make a donation to the Red Cross. There are people out there who need the money more than I do this holiday season.

Have fun sampling, merry Christmas, and happy Saturnalia.


Download links: (App size is ~5 Mb)


Android Google Play - Direct APK

Windows Installer - Stand-alone ZIP (Unzip to run from a USB drive for example)

MacOS X - DiskImage (run directly from the dmg first if you get issues running from Applications)

​iOS - AppStore

Linux: From reports of Caustic users, the Windows versions should run fine under WINE. You might need to first run "winetricks vcrun2008" to get the right DLLs.


If you've never used Caustic's WAV editor, check out these video tutorials:

Sample (wave) Editor Tutorial - Caustic 3

C-SFXR tool



Restoring Factory Samples to Volca Sampler

  • I have downloaded Caustic Sample Editor to both the Galaxy J7 and to Windows 10.
  • Volca sample reads Error when I attempt upload 

  • Do any buttons need to be  active on the volca for the transfer to be enabled?

  • Do I need to download samples from KORG's site to pair with the editor?

  • I have messed with playback volume control on the ​editor.
  • Is there anything else I should try?